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[Closed] Grids or No Grids  

Hamlet President Admin

Should the Hamlet continue to require grids on all windows?  Should we consider requiring it for the Phase 1 (more colonial style) townhomes, but not Phase II (more modern style) homes?  If we remove the requirement entirely, should we move everyone toward no grids?  Keep in mind the purpose of a cluster standard is to provide some consistency in home appearances throughout the neighborhood.

Summary of options:

  • Continue to require grids for all windows in both phases
  • Require grids only for colonial style, Phase I homes.
  • Require NO GRIDS for any windows
  • Require grids on the front of homes but not the back

We would also need to consider if bay windows would fit into the same standard or have a different requirement


Note: Regardless of the new standard put in place, you will not be required to replace windows simply to meet the new standard. The standard applies at such time that you replace your windows or, possibly, after a lengthy grandfather period expires.

Topic starter Posted : 24/12/2020 11:08 am
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