Reston Virginia

Proposed Roof Standard Update

Update: The proposal was submitted to Reston Association for Design Review Board approval at their next meeting in May.

The Hamlet Cluster is updating its roofing standards with modern product and color choices. This will include the option of HD (architectural) shingles. The new standard proposal was approved at our April Hamlet Board meeting, after we made a few revisions based on member feedback. We are waiting for Reston DRB approval.

Homeowners will be required to meet these standards going forward as they replace their roof. If your roof does not need replacement now this will not effect your property until such time as you replace your roof.

Why Update This Standard?

The current Hamlet Roof Standards are many years old and contain outdated colors. They also do not take into account modern product choices.

The new standards will be up-to-date and easier to follow.

When Will This Take Effect?

The new standard takes effect immediately after RA DRB (Design Review Board) approval. We are hoping for approval as early as mid April or in Mid May.

What If My New Roof Was Recently Approved?

You can continue with your roof installation. No changes to your plans are required.

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