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Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

The Hamlet will be conducting maintenance and repairs of our streets and sidewalks this September. Please see the schedule below and mark your personal calendars. If you are a landlord, you must notify your tenants of this information. All residents should be prepared to park on the state portion of Middle Creek Lane or Glade Drive on days where your street is impacted.

Reminder: Any driver violating the “stay off” signs or barriers will be held financially responsible for all repairs or re-sealing required!

9/10/2020 – 9/11/2020
Concrete Sidewalk/Curb & Gutter Replacement (Community Wide)

Replacement of isolated sections of existing concrete. Please remove all vehicles located within 30’ of all concrete areas containing Orange/Pink Paint “X” Marks by 7:00am each day.

Vehicles can park as usual during the evening while the project is in progress but must be moved by 7:00am the following morning. Please use caution while walking to and from the parking areas and avoid walking on fresh concrete surfaces.

Asphalt Repairs (Dry River Ct.)

Asphalt repairs will be completed to correct drainage issues. All cars must be removed from Dry River Ct. starting at 7:00am on 9/25/2020. Any cars located within the work area will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Crackseal (Stillbrook Ct., Briary Branch Ct., Dry River Ct.)

Crackseal of existing asphalt parking areas and drive lanes. No parking will be affected. Crews will be working in drive lanes. Please use caution while driving past the work crew. Crackseal may be driven over within a few moments of placement.

Sealcoat Phase 1: Still Brook & Briary Branch Ct

No parking from 7:00am on 7/8/2020 to at least 7:00 am on 10/9/2020.
Area will remain closed to traffic during this time.

Sealcoat Phase 2 – Dry River Ct

No parking from 7:00am 10/9/2020 to 7:00am 10/10/2020. Area will remain closed to traffic during this time.

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