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Trash & Recycling

Christmas Tree Pickup

Christmas Tree will be removed separately from other debris, on Wednesday January 6 and Wednesday January 13, 2021.  You must remove all decorations, including tinsel, before placing the tree at the curb. If you miss these dates, you will need to call Republic Services to arrange pickup at your cost.

Trash, Recycling and Yard Collection

Note: Yard Waste collection is cancelled by order of Fairfax County until further notice. Do not place yard waste at the curb!

The Hamlet Cluster policies cover the storage and placement of trash, recycling and related containers to help maintain property values and sanitary conditions. Key aspects of the policy are:

Only approved trash bins or cans behind approved panels allowed in front yards.

Cans & bins left on common ground will be removed without notice

Residents may place trash, recycling and yard debrit out for collection at sundown the night before pickup and no earlier

Cans, bins and other containers must be removed from common ground the morning after pickup

Do NOT place open bags at the curb! If not in a trash can, use heavy duty trash bags which are tightly secured!


Mondays & Thursdays

Trash must be placed at the curb not earlier than sundown the night before collection. Place at curb or common ground area where the truck can clearly see it from the street!


Recycling must be at the curb in standard recycling bins or secured bags.


Yard waste, including grass clippings, tree limbs and leaves, are collected on Wednesdays only. Tree branches must be bundled in 4 ft. lengths or less. Grass and leaves must be in bags, preferably bio-degradable bags availabe from local home improvement stores>

Please DO NOT place trash and recycling in the same “pile” at the curb! Placing trash near recycling is resulting in both being left behind, and contributing to a growing rodent problem.

Bulk Item Pickup

While they collect most household items, you must call in advance if you are placing larger items such as furniture or appliances to be collected. Call Republic directly at 703-818-8222

Front Yard Storage Options

Homeowners and residents have two options for keeping a trash can in the front yard. Only the approved can or hide-away panel are allowed.

Suncast Resin Outdoor Trash Can – Taupe (brown)

You may have a Suncast Resin can in taupe in your front yard provided trash remains under the lid and your can is no more than 4 feet from your front outside wall.

Available at Home Depot: 

Available at Amazon:

Suncast Hideaway Panel – Taupe (brown)

You may hide any standard outdoor trash can behind a Suncast Hideaway panel in brown. The panel must be no more than 4 feet from your front outside wall.

Available from Amazon:

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