Reston Virginia

Trash Reminder

Landords:  Please convey this message to your renters immediately and refer them the for cluster rules and polices.


Please be cognizant of the trash and recycling schedules, and understand that trash companies can not/will not provide us with a specific collection time on scheduled collection days. While The Hamlet can attempt to get our trash pickup times to be more consistent on collection days, it is not something we can guarantee or require in a contract. It’s the nature of trash collection.

So we are asking everyone to pay attention before placing trash at the curb. It should not go out before sundown the night before pickup, but needs to be at the curb by 6:30 a.m.  If you bring trash out after 6:30am on collection days, please look around to notice if the trash truck has already been to your street.

The significant increase in litter from residents placing trash out too early or after collection has occurred is causing an increase to our expenses. We are now facing weekly fees to have a contractor clean up litter. This will impact all of our HOA fees if it continues.

The the majority of Hamlet residents who are following trash guidelines and helping pickup litter near their homes, thank you! If you suspect a neighbor is not following the guidelines, consider a friendly reminder that we need their help to maintain the neighborhood. If the situation persists, contact TWC to report trash related concerns.

View Hamlet Trash Policies

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