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Updated Dry River Maintenance Proposal

This Item Was Approved


Special Board Meeting July 28

There will be a brief Hamlet Board Meeting on July 28, 2020 at 7:00p.m. to discuss the street and sidewalk repair contract. The meeting is held by ZOOM and homeowners can register to participate by clicking here no later that 6:30p.m. the day of the meeting.

Street and Sidewalk Contract Review

On July 14, 2020 the Hamlet Board approved an asphalt and sidewalk contract with Dominion Paving which includes regrading part of Dry River Court.  A section of the Dry River parking area has a significant issue with water ponding after rain storms and when snow melts. The result is standing water, mud and icy conditions many days throughout the year.

The original proposal required raising the curb and gutter pan (the concrete apron between curbs and asphalt), and necessarily raising the sidewalk where the associated curbing is raised. The sidewalk would need to be raised so water does not get trapped between it and the curb, which would create a new flooding issue. The new sidewalk would necessitate homeowners in that area to replace their walkway and possibly require major landscaping of their front yard.

Proposed Changes

Impacted homeowners and the Board met with Dominion to discuss the plan in detail. During that meeting it was determined that the cost of bringing the private property into alignment with the new sidewalk could be substantial – some homeowners might have needed to elevate their yards by several inches in addition to replacing walkways.

A new proposal is being prepared by Dominion that will not require raising or replacing the sidewalk and curb. This plan will simply bring the asphalt, at an appropriate grade, from the center of the street to the curb. The result will not be a visually pleasing as the standard curb & apron for parking areas, but eliminates the need to raise the sidewalk. The plan will also install a drain pipe to bring water from the sidewalk out to the street underneath the median strip.


This shows the area of Dry River which will be re-graded to fix the issue of standing water in spaces between 11733 and 11739 Dry River Court.

Mockup of Dry River Repair

Dry River Mockup

This mock up shows a portion of the area being repaired – the asphalt will slope from the existing curb to the center of the street to facilitate drainage. The resulting curb’s height will gradually shrink from about 6″ to 1″ along the repaired area.

The aesthetics of this portion of Dry River will be different from the rest of the Hamlet, as there is no curb gutter and the curb itself will be very short. Reserved and Visitor space markings will be in small stencil above the curb and/or on the pavement itself.

Proposed Dry River Sidewalk Drain

New Sidewalk Drain

To address the pooling of water on the sidewalk from nearby downspouts and common ground run-off, a catch drain will be installed in the sidewalk near 11733 Dry River and run via a pipe to the street under the median strip.

This photo is simply a rough mockup to show the design concept and location, not the actual design of the drain!

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